Student Uniforms
Attached is our Student Dress Code in detail. Please be sure to read the dress code so your child does not get a uniform violation.

Tops - K-5 : Light Blue, white or yellow with official uniform shirts with embroidered logo.
Bottoms - Navy Blue or Khaki Pants, shorts or skorts with embroidered logo. NOTE: shorts and skorts may be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee and must be purchased from the official uniform vendor.
Shoes - Closed toe/full coverage in all black color, comfortable shoes and socks with velcro or matching black laces. (photos of shoes are examples - shoes must be all black - no logos or writing of any kind in color)
Cold Weather Days - Navy Blue Sweater or Jacket; or Official Uniform long- sleeve shirt, polar fleece jacket or crew neck purchased from the official uniform vendor - sweaters or jackets may NOT contain any logo other than the school's logo. No hoods will be allowed.
Belts - Boys must wear belts at all times; these belts must be plain and black and must be fastened securely at waist level. Pants must be worn at waist level. Loose or low pants will not be tolerated. No writing on school uniforms or school approved apparel will be permitted.